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Month: May 2013

  • Why Dogs Dig and What You Can Do About It

      There are many reasons dogs create unattractive holes in your backyard — unattractive to you, anyway — though one of them is not to irritate you, as many people seem to mistakenly believe. Here are just a few reasons your dog is trying to make it to China before you get home from work…

  • We ♡ Dogster!

  • We ♡ Dogster!

  • Have You Ever Met a Dog Who Is Terrified of Leashes?

    In my work as a professional dog trainer, I specialize in helping difficult, stressed dogs cope with their lives in a human-run world. After working with a delightful woman and her rescued dog, she told me about two puppies her daughter recently rescued and hinted that they were a handful … Check out the full…

  • How Trainers Can Improve Classes

      Here’s another article over at Dogster: Before I became a professional dog trainer, I sat through countless hours of classes with my pet dogs: agility, herding, obedience, rally, puppy classes — you name it. Most of my own dogs have been rescues and came to me with unique behaviors, to say the least. But…

  • What Loving My Dogs Taught Me About Empathy just published my latest article! Growing up in a gravely dysfunctional household where coldness was the prevailing sentiment, I turned to animals for unconditional love. Even a mound full of Texas fire ants became friends. I brought them Popsicle sticks not only for ant bridges but for the sweetness left on the sticks. They…

  • Full Throttle Trinket has just published another story in the ongoing adventure of training Trinket. Check it out!