Month: March 2016

Does Your Dog Jump Up? Teach Him to Sit Instead

Since a dog cannot sit and jump at the same time, teaching this command solves a common problem. One of the most common reasons for pet parents to call a trainer is because their dog jumps up on people. Often I find that clients have been inadvertently reinforcing the “jump up” by yelling at the dog or even… Read more »

How Can I Stop My Dog From Going Crazy at the Front Door?

Dogster resident trainer Annie Phenix shares tips for teaching dogs to sit calmly and not bark at arriving guests. Help! My Golden Retriever is perfect in every way but one: She goes bananas whenever anyone comes to our front door. She is never aggressive, but she gets frenzied and jumps all over our guests in… Read more »

How to Help Your Dog Love Being On Leash

A leash should be a sign of fun things to come, and it can be if you follow these four tips.   What is the one training tool every dog owner eventually uses? A leash. We also need leashes to keep dogs and humans safe. However, not all dogs understand what a leash is or how we… Read more »