Behavior Modification / Online Consults / Limited Openings

What You Will Receive:

  • Two hour initial online consult
  • Extensive behavior questionnaire
  • Behavior Modification plan written exclusively for you and your dog
  • Instructional hand-outs and videos
  • Two-hour follow-up consult
  • Email access and fast responses
  • Cutting edge info from an official Family Dog Mediator

Step One: Initial Online Consult/Evaluation ($200)

Step One is to reserve your two-hour (total) consult time with Annie by paying the first half of the total session cost ($200). This reserves you a total of a two-hour consulting session that may be spread out in smaller time increments depending on the dog, its environment, your schedule and the issues of concern. Annie will send you a detailed, customized questionnaire to find out everything she needs to know to help your dog.

Questions will include:

  • How your dog spends his/her day
  • Details on your dog’s home environment
  • What you believe to be the genetic back ground of the dog (as much as we can ever know if the dog is a rescue)
  • Your dog’s age, physical health, exercise and enrichment details
  • Your dog’s Big Loves in Life (such as walks, Sniffari’s, toys, chewing, digging, etc.)
  • Your dog’s learning/training history
  • Any high stress changes/experiences currently or in the past
  • Your dog’s fear/stress responses
  • Specific information on behavior that frustrates you or another family member (including other dogs)
  • Who and how the dog interacts with in the home and in public

After you have completed and returned the questionnaire, we move on to Step Two.

*We do highly recommend you have your dog’s health completely evaluated prior to a consult by a well-trained veterinarian to rule in or out any possible contributing medical factors that may have an impact on behavior.¬†

Step Two: Two Hour Follow-Up Consult with Annie Phenix ($200)

After I have received your questionnaire (there may be follow up questions), we will schedule a minimum one-hour training session in your home. We discuss the specific behavior concerns you are experiencing with your dog. Annie then shares and demonstrates her plan for creating a win-win, peaceful home environment that works for you and your dog. As a Family Dog Mediator, she sees her role as assisting both species and coming up with an effective plan to relieve the frustration and stress of miscommunication. Many times she finds highly do-able solutions in the very first consult, although a follow up consult is highly recommended after the owner has had time to implement changes. Let Annie’s 25-years of solving behavior problems got to work for you! The sooner you begin to address behavior concerns, the faster your home will return to homeostasis.

Step Three:  Follow Up Online Session (Free)

We highly recommend a 45-minute follow up session a week to three weeks after your initial consult. Sometimes new behavior crops up when we are re-arranging important stimuli and routines in a dog’s life and Annie can quickly help you resolves these. It’s also been helpful to our clients to have this all-important follow session to ensure protocols and training sessions continue to remain effective. This is also an opportunity to discuss any additional skills or changes you would like to help your dog to achieve.

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