Durango Area Dog Training Classes


Growly Dog Classes

With Professional Dog Trainer Annie Phenix, CPDT-KA®

What: 4-week Growly Dog Class I 
When: Will Resume Fall 2015
Where: Phenix Dogs, LLC
Cost: $175 includes book and clicker/$25 nonrefundable deposit to reserve your spot

Does your dog overreact by lunging and barking (or trying to hide behind you) at the sight of another dog or a new person? We can help! Behavior expert Annie Phenix, CPDT-KA, teaches a force free method based on the work of Emma Parsons, KPA CTP, CDBC’s book Click to Calm. This unique class will empower YOU to train your dog new behaviors that will replace the current unwanted behaviors. This four-week course gives YOU the knowledge and the training you need to help your dog’s anxiety and frustration when he is out in public. Say goodbye to being too embarrassed to walk your dog down the street and say hello to success and good canine behavior! This class opens up a whole new world for you and your dog. Dogs must be double leashed with a flat collar and a harness. Click here to add your name to the waiting list for a future class.


Nose Work Private Sessions

When: Private classes available Fridays and Saturdays at Phenix Dogs
Fee: $25 per half hour/4 Sessions @ $100

Nose work is an exciting new way to engage your dog’s love of smelling and it utilizes you dog’s incredible nose abilities. Nothing tires out a dog like allowing it to use its nose. Annie can train your dog with you to compete in nose work trials or she can show you nose work games you can play at home. Annie is a graduate of two Train the Trainer courses with nose work Instructor Andrew Ramsey — the top nose work trainer in the country. She is a member of the National Association of Canine Scent Work.

Click here to contact Annie about scheduling an appointment.


Board and Train Program

Phenix Dogs is licensed by the State of Colorado for our Board and Train Program. We tailor our training goals to meet your needs while your dogs stay in the lap of luxury on our 40-acre farm. Have an upcoming trip? Why not have your dog skillfully trained while it stays with us? You can count on your dog learning in an all positive, force free environment. Space is limited  — we cater to those dogs who don’t do well in a traditional kennel (aggressive dogs, shy dogs, etc.) as well as happy-go-lucky dogs. Dogs who stay with us are treated like family! Please call us to book your spot before they are all filled! Annie, 970-442-1222 or email: annie@phenixdogs.com.

We’re conveniently located near the Durango Airport.
Drop off time:  6 a.m.
Pick up time:  6 p.m.

Our in-home boarding rates start at $30 a day. We also offer structured Day Boarding for $30 per day per dog. Specific boarding rates are as follows:

Laid Back Gets Along with Everyone Dog:   $30 per day

DINO Dogs (Dogs In Need of Space):               $40 per day (includes reactive dogs, dogs with                                                                                               separation anxiety, etc)

Dogs In Training:                                                      $60 per day (includes an hour of training each                                                                                               day)

Puppy Primer Board & Train


Got puppy? But not enough hours in the day to socialize and train your new best friend before they hit that all-critical age of 20-weeks? If new life skills and socialization aren’t completed in a positive manner by the time your puppy reaches 20 weeks of age, you will be playing catch up for the rest of your dog’s life. Why not let a skilled, force free trainer put an excellent foundation on your dog?

Our 2-week puppy package includes: crate training, house training, loose leash walking, sit to greet people, proper socialization to other dogs and new stimuli and much more!!! Call for details, pricing and availability. Call or email for more information.

Click here to contact Annie about scheduling an appointment.

Trainer Search


Confused by what you read on a dog trainer’s website regarding how they really train dogs? Want to ensure you are taking your dog to a local trainer who truly uses positive reinforcement and not punishment training?

At no charge, Annie will research your local trainers on-line and direct you to positive reinforcement trainer near you. She can ferret out who understands behavioral science and who does not with what methods trainers say they use to train canines, as well as what they leave out. Your name will not be revealed to local trainers as Annie looks for one that is right for you. Please use our contact form below or email Annie directly to take advantage of this service.

If you would like Annie to interview the prospective trainer regarding the specifics of what you want to train with your dog, there is a one time $25 fee.

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