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Positive, Force-Free Personalized Dog Training

Annie Phenix has retired from day to day dog training as of June 2018. She is available at no charge to help you find a truly qualified, fear and force free trainer/behaviorist in your area.

Ready To Get Started Today?

My best-selling book The Midnight Dog Walkers (Lumina Media)  — nominated for a Maxwell Award by the Dog Writers of America Association — puts the power of positive dog training in your hands. Beautifully illustrated with full-color photos and filled with practical advice and real-life stories, the book is a great way to learn more about how to live successfully with an aggressive or reactive pet.

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Life’s too busy for dog training that doesn’t work or causes fear or harm that is guaranteed to set your dog back.

That’s why I’ll listen to your concerns and goals, assess your dog, and offer practical solutions that suits your needs and fits your lifestyle. I will make sure your dog isn’t stressed, confused or harmed while in training. I want to create a dog who loves to learn! If you prefer, I will do the training for you, working with your dog in your home or anywhere you need to see his behavior improve.

What Does Your Dog Need?

Behavior Modification

  • Dog-to-Dog Reactivity
  • People Reactivity
  • Multiple Dogs in Household Issues
  • Jumping on People
  • Resource Guarding
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Fear Issues
  • Growling
  • Biting

Using fear free, scientifically-backed training protocols, I reduce any undesired canine behavior issue. Owner participation and ongoing training is required of the owner — but I am here to coach you through anything!

$150 per session
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Professional Day Training

I come to your home and work with your dog one-on-one.  I do all of the work! This program is aimed at obedience training and can include such skills as:

  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Sit to Say Please
    Down and Down Stay
  • Recall
  • Focus Work
  • Go to Mat
  • Sit to Greet People
  • Puppy Enrichment
  • Proper Socialization

$150 / hour
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Train the Owner

I teach you how to help your dog learn new, desired behaviors. After all, you live with your best friend 24-7 so learning how to help him makes a happy home for everyone. I work with your dog and demonstrate how to get the desired behavior and then hand the leash to you as I observe and coach you to success.

$120 / hour
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Seminars (Private or Group)

Two Day Intensive Reactive Dog Seminar available for private instruction or for groups. Each seminar is tailored for your dog or group’s needs. Dog welcome!

$1000 per day plus travel expenses
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Nose Work

  • Teaching the Search Cue
  • Teaching the Scents
  • Handler Training
  • Training Finds with Distractions

I was trained on the new sport of Nose Work by a former trainer of military explosive sniffer dogs for Lackland Air Force Base. ANY dog can do this sport and nearly ALL dogs (and owners!) love it.

$50 / hour
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Whichever program you choose, we’ll use only positive, scientifically sound training techniques for a fun process and long-lasting results.

Testimonials (See all)

  • Help for an aggressive dog

    “The lessons my dog, Indy, and I took with Annie at the Durango Dog College have helped more than I could have imagined! For 4 years I have struggled with Indy’s dog on dog aggression – something that effected my everyday life. Annie went above and beyond to help my dog – AND to help me help my dog! The classes were extremely informative, and Annie provided me with the tools I needed to continue the lessons outside of the classroom. Moreover, she (still) is available for questions and discussions over the phone, e-mail, etc. which has been really helpful. I have already seen such an improvement! I have spoken with many trainers regarding aggression, and from the first phone call I could tell Annie was the trainer for us – she has a genuine interest in each dog progressing, as well as the desire to help the owners cope with and redirect the behavior they are experiencing. I most certainly recommend Annie!”

    Ursula Squire

  • Sweetie

    Thanks again for taking such good care of Sweetie! I am telling everyone I know about your great care!

    Dr. Michelle Hemingway

  • A knowledgeable and considerate dog trainer

    “You are truly a knowledgeable and considerate dog trainer. It’s remarkable how few in your line of work understand how to manage fearful dog. I am always heartened to meet a trainer who, like you, embraces the individual needs of dogs. Punishment is rarely useful; harsh treatment should never be a consideration.”

    Dr. Jeff Nichol, DVM

  • Formerly Aloof Rottie on His Way to Becoming a Therapy Dog

    Annie has made enormous improvements in our dog Black Bean. Before, he ignored everything we said to him and refused to make eye contact. Now we are able to give him signals to listen and make eye contact. He has become very obedient and is much more fun to take on walks and play with. He is so well-behaved that he is going to be a reading assistance dog for children.


I’m Professional Trainer Annie Phenix,
and I’d love to meet you and your dog.

I am a CPDT-KA©  (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed) and a Certified Fear Free trainer recommended by veterinarians and clients nationwide. I am a nationally recognized behavior expert, best-selling author, national magazine columnist and a nose work instructor and competitor. I am a member of the Pet Professional Guild and the National Association of Canine Scent Work. I have a B.A. degree from the University of Texas at Austin. I offer Behavior Consults, Nose Work, Puppy Enrichment and Private Training in your home that is tailored to you and your dog’s needs.

My Pledge to You and Your Dog: I give dogs and humans a clear communication path that allows your dog to learn to love to learn. I will never scare or harm your dog while teaching and I will find workable, win-win solutions for every canine problem.

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Personalized private dog and puppy training for northern Utah, including the Heber Valley, Park City and Salt Lake City.