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Training with compassionate Knowledge

Phenix Dogs Canine Behavior Experts

Work with award-winning author and trainer Annie Phenix. She helps with all behavioral concerns and never uses force, fear, pain, or intimidation.



Learn from the comfort of your own home about canine behavior and more! (Coming soon!)

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Work directly with behaviourist Annie Phenix who will create a unique roadmap that alleviates stress for your dog and brings peace to your home.


Annie is the best-selling author of two canine behaviour books, The Midnight Dog Walkers and Positive Training for Aggressive and Reactive Dogs.

Book cover for "Positive Training for Aggressive and Reactive Dogs: Proven Techniques to Help Your Dog Recover from Fear and Anxiety and Enjoy Walks Calmly (CompanionHouse Books) Rehabilitating Fearful, Anxious Dogs"

Positive Training for
Aggressive and Reactive Dogs