Author: Annie Phenix

Have You Ever Met a Dog Who Is Terrified of Leashes?

In my work as a professional dog trainer, I specialize in helping difficult, stressed dogs cope with their lives in a human-run world. After working with a delightful woman and her rescued dog, she told me about two puppies her daughter recently rescued and hinted that they were a handful … Check out the full… Read more »

How Trainers Can Improve Classes

  Here’s another article over at Dogster: Before I became a professional dog trainer, I sat through countless hours of classes with my pet dogs: agility, herding, obedience, rally, puppy classes — you name it. Most of my own dogs have been rescues and came to me with unique behaviors, to say the least. But… Read more »

What Loving My Dogs Taught Me About Empathy just published my latest article! Growing up in a gravely dysfunctional household where coldness was the prevailing sentiment, I turned to animals for unconditional love. Even a mound full of Texas fire ants became friends. I brought them Popsicle sticks not only for ant bridges but for the sweetness left on the sticks. They… Read more »

Full Throttle Trinket has just published another story in the ongoing adventure of training Trinket. Check it out!

Puppies Are Not Good Christmas Presents

Annie Phenix and her dogs Echo and Radar walking on train tracks

As a professional dog trainer, I am saddened to see so many families get puppies as Christmas presents. I am not a scrooge and I know kids can beg their parents all year for a puppy and it seems that Christmas is the perfect time to deliver that new family member. There are perils in… Read more »