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  • Today, We’re Turning Your Dog Into a Superhero — Literally

    I’ve always thought of dogs as a certain type of hero, put here to help us humans in our stumbling attempts to learn compassion. I think most of you will agree: dogs are not only our steady, loving friends, but heroes in many different ways. But have you ever imagined what your own dog would […]

  • Let’s Talk: What’s the Strangest Dog Name You’ve Ever Heard?

    I named my “country-dumped” dog Monster. (“Country dumped” is the term for when people drive their “beloved” pet out to the country and dump him there, assuming he will be fine because someone like me will take him in.) As a puppy, he was a mess of a dog. He bit hands and growled at […]

  • What Do You Do When a Dog Really Needs to Be Rehomed?

    If you find yourself saddled with a suddenly-homeless dog, don’t panic. Here are some ideas to help you find that pup a home. [Read the complete article on]

  • Are Petco’s Dog Training Methods Outdated?

    Recently there’s been rumbling online regarding the death of a young English Bulldog in a Petco dog training class, and it’s getting hard to ignore the noise — though Petco is doing its corporate best to do just that. The facts are that Michele Moccia and Michael DiMaggio took their dog, Sophia Belle, to a puppy class […]

  • Why Dogs Dig and What You Can Do About It

      There are many reasons dogs create unattractive holes in your backyard — unattractive to you, anyway — though one of them is not to irritate you, as many people seem to mistakenly believe. Here are just a few reasons your dog is trying to make it to China before you get home from work […]

  • We ♡ Dogster!

  • We ♡ Dogster!

  • Have You Ever Met a Dog Who Is Terrified of Leashes?

    In my work as a professional dog trainer, I specialize in helping difficult, stressed dogs cope with their lives in a human-run world. After working with a delightful woman and her rescued dog, she told me about two puppies her daughter recently rescued and hinted that they were a handful … Check out the full […]

  • How Trainers Can Improve Classes

      Here’s another article over at Dogster: Before I became a professional dog trainer, I sat through countless hours of classes with my pet dogs: agility, herding, obedience, rally, puppy classes — you name it. Most of my own dogs have been rescues and came to me with unique behaviors, to say the least. But […]