Great Pyreneese Dog

Hi Annie! Just wanted to share with you that Princess is doing amazing. Today when we walked by our Great Pyrenees, she did exactly what I’ve hoped for, what I’ve longed for, what I’ve dreamed for. She walked by him, looked at him, and did absolutely nothing. And he was up and moving!!!!!! I was so amazed – I just wanted to cry. Thanks again Annie!

Monica D.

Intense Pointer Learns Calm and Focus

We cannot thank Annie enough for helping us with our German Shorthaired Pointer. We have seen a big improvement in her ability to greet people and other dogs and be a more relax dog in our home. I wish we would have done a before and after video to share with other dog owners our positive results. Instead of a dog with anxiety we have a dog with confidence and skills to greet and meet people and other dogs.

Leslie Cook

Shy Dogs Learns to Trust Humans

I especially want to thank you for the time you spent with Bubba and me. He has made tremendous progress and is a much happier dog. Also, if you ever need a reference, please feel free to give them my name and number. You’re the best!

Peggy C./Bayfield


What a great session today. Beau and I both learned so much. You are by far the best and most knowledgable person we have worked with. I’m writing notes when we leave because so much happens and I’m afraid I’ll forget something important if I don’t. We both went home and took a nap.

Can’t wait until next Wednesday!

Jan Williams

A knowledgeable and considerate dog trainer

“You are truly a knowledgeable and considerate dog trainer. It’s remarkable how few in your line of work understand how to manage fearful dog. I am always heartened to meet a trainer who, like you, embraces the individual needs of dogs. Punishment is rarely useful; harsh treatment should never be a consideration.”

Dr. Jeff Nichol, DVM

Help for an aggressive dog

“The lessons my dog, Indy, and I took with Annie at the Durango Dog College have helped more than I could have imagined! For 4 years I have struggled with Indy’s dog on dog aggression – something that effected my everyday life. Annie went above and beyond to help my dog – AND to help me help my dog! The classes were extremely informative, and Annie provided me with the tools I needed to continue the lessons outside of the classroom. Moreover, she (still) is available for questions and discussions over the phone, e-mail, etc. which has been really helpful. I have already seen such an improvement! I have spoken with many trainers regarding aggression, and from the first phone call I could tell Annie was the trainer for us – she has a genuine interest in each dog progressing, as well as the desire to help the owners cope with and redirect the behavior they are experiencing. I most certainly recommend Annie!”

Ursula Squire

Shelter Dog Zeke

Dear Annie,

The volunteer who handled Zeke during your class reported he made significant progress in being comfortable with strange dogs, a problem it is difficult to deal with effectively in the shelter environment. We appreciate you lending your expertise to the shelter and look forward to working with you in the future.


Anna Anderson, Executive Director

Annie's Orphans

Formerly Aloof Rottie on His Way to Becoming a Therapy Dog

Annie has made enormous improvements in our dog Black Bean. Before, he ignored everything we said to him and refused to make eye contact. Now we are able to give him signals to listen and make eye contact. He has become very obedient and is much more fun to take on walks and play with. He is so well-behaved that he is going to be a reading assistance dog for children.



Savannah saw a small dog outside last night within close proximity and didn’t bark at all! Yeah! We’re so happy to have found you as a trainer to help her and us though all of her trauma.

Faith E.


Thanks again for taking such good care of Sweetie! I am telling everyone I know about your great care!

Dr. Michelle Hemingway